Richard Peters

Richard Peters

Richard Peters was Harneys’ Managing Partner for 21 years. He left in 2012 after a 33-year career with the firm.

Prior to joining Harney, Westwood & Riegels (Harneys) in the BVI, Richard was a tax barrister in London. In the early part of his Harneys tenure, he was a primary developer of the BVI’s landmark IBC Act. He was also the driving force behind many of the subsequent amendments to the law.

Under his leadership, the firm partnered with the BVI government in the creation of the Commercial Court, produced the first-ever textbook on BVI commercial law, and increased its range of practice areas. Richard chaired the BVI’s Financial Services Strategic Development Plan Committee, and sat on the Company Law Reform Committee and Harmful Tax Competition Task Force of the Financial Services Legislation Advisory Committee.

As managing partner, Richard led Harneys through a programme of strategic expansion that launched offices in Hong Kong, the Cayman Islands, Cyprus and Montevideo.

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